Stop Overthinking Everything…

Stop Overthinking Everything…

There are times when everyone overthinks situations, but some people are continually distracted by their thoughts. Despite a plethora of alternatives, they revise all their decisions, anticipate disastrous consequences, and suddenly change topics or discussions without warning. Overthinking truly is a root cause of a lot of modern day problems.

The consequences of overthinking often go beyond words – overthinkers call to mind destructive images as well. These people tend to see their minds as scenes from a movie where their car goes off the road or distressing events are repeatedly replayed.

Devastating Thought Patterns

A person who overthinks often behaves in two destructive ways: ruminating and overanalyzing.

The act of ruminating involves dwelling on the past. These may include thoughts such as:

  •  The things I said yesterday at the conference weren’t the right ones to say. I am a complete idiot, which everyone must contemplate.
  • It would have been better for me if I had stayed at my last job. It would have been a more rewarding experience for me.
  •  I was never taught how to be courageous by either my parents or teachers. Thinking too much has prevented me from getting anything done due to my insecurities. Furthermore, it devastates your mood.

The result of persistent worrying is negative, often catastrophic, predictions for the future. The following may come to mind:

  •  I will humiliate myself when I present that assignment tomorrow. While I’ll be familiar with it, I’m not going to remember everything I’m intended to say.


  • I will not receive assistance until every other person does.
  • We will never have sufficient income for retirement. There will be no work for us, and we’ll have no money to even buy groceries.

The best way to get rid of such devastating or negative thoughts is to take some time out and re-evaluate all of your thoughts. Thoughts that make you feel sad, depress, or stressed, STOP thinking about them. Shift your focus on the positive side of the day. Think of all the good possibilities that can come out of your actions. And, my best would be to keep a gratitude journal. It will remind you of the things you have achieved in life and keep negative thoughts at bay.

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