How To Have A Glowing Skin

How To Have A Glowing Skin


Every girl dreams of having beautiful, glowing skin. They also try their best to drink plenty of water, uses good skincare products to get glowing skin. But somehow, their poor diet, dirt, and pollution come in the way and damage their skin and make them look dull and lifeless. 

What is glowing skin?

GLOWING SKIN means soft, moist, and clear skin, with small pores and even skin tone without blemishes.

No matter what a person’s age is, Healthy skin always has an irresistible glow. As we usually see teenagers and children glow more because our skin cells renew. 

You see your face every day in the mirror and notice that it’s not radiating so why it is so troublesome for you to make it look glowy and smooth. If you want perfect and instantaneous gleaming skin then this blog is for you. 

GLOWING SKIN is a consequence of good skincare, I believe that if you invest in good skincare products your skin will be just like you want it in no time. Happiness makes people beautiful, it’s a noticeable glow.

What does it mean when someone says you are glowing?

People consider it as a compliment. Since glowing skin is considered healthy, and gorgeous skin. 

  • Peoples also believe that our skin glows when a person is very happy, warm, and positive, it’s true that ” you glow differently when you are very happy. “
  • A person looks youthful with bright eyes as” there is no more beautiful sight than a young woman who glows with the light of spirit.”
  • A woman is newly married, ” as women glow differently when they are loved right and treated properly.”
  • A woman is pregnant, they glow yes because they are sweating to death.

What is the difference between oily skin and glowing?


Oily Skin:

When you touch your face you feel greasy and sticky and that’s what Oily skin is. Oily skin makes people’s complexion darker because they get a lot of dirt and pollution stuck on their faces which makes it look so dull and lifeless. Oily skin needs a lot of care, their skin is more acceptable to pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. 

Glowing skin:

GLOWING skin is simply healthy and clear smooth looking skin. It is free from oil, pimples, and acne. your skin feels smooth enough to reflect light. Drinking plenty of water, moisturizing your skin, and get asleep, a maximum of 8 hours will keep your skin glowing.


Have you ever felt your skin look tired or even gray so this could be the sign that you are going through dull skin? your skin does not look bright and radiant a dull skin is unhealthy and not glowing skin. following are the causes of dull skin :

  1. AGING :

You lose your rosy pink tone when your skin cell stops renewing and forms a dead cell on the surface which makes your skin looks dull. It mostly happens with peoples above 28. As their skin matures so skin cell loses their tendency to renew cells.


If you have dry skin, your skin may look dull. The skin needs moisture to glow and when you don’t give the required moisture it needs then it looks dull and aged.


You should not skip exfoliation, it helps to slough dead cells off the surface and makes you feel more radiant.


When you forget to remove your makeup, it creates clogged pores on your skin and makes you look dull.


Choosing the wrong skincare product can also make you look dull, your skin product should have vitamin c serum which helps in reducing wrinkles and makes your skin glowy. 


Beauty sleep is also required, those who sleep less may have dull skin too. 


Yes, love makes us glow being in love can make us feel that we are on top of the universe, loving relationships improve our health, our mood, and our looks. It makes your look youthful., the loving bond gives your skin cell oxygen and nutrients to make you look younger. increases your blood flow to the skin and that’s what we call a ” love glow “.

How are some people blessed with glowing skin without even trying?

People with a “HEALTHY DIET” are blessed with glowing skin. whenever I meet someone with a glowing face. I ask them about their beauty secrets they tell it’s

natural, I trust them because I have a firm belief that applying expensive skincare product can not make our skin glow, eating a portion of healthy food can make your skin glow naturally, trust me it will help you, I will try to share a healthy diet so that you eat your way to fabulous skin.

We should understand that skin is the largest and sensitive part of our body, and if we damage our health it will eventually harm our skin.


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