Lost, Broken And Hurt – Deception

Lost, Broken And Hurt – Deception


My body is right where it needs to be,
but my mind is not.

my heart belongs to the right person
but my dreams do not.

There is not a single thing I could complain about,
yet, there is a void that I can’t seem to fulfill.


It seems like I have never been happier in my life,
but, every single day I’m losing a part of me.

I have a hundred stories to share,
yet, I have never been so quiet in my life.


I want to believe that everything is perfect,
but, I can feel something dying inside me.


Am I being ungrateful or deep down is there something bothering me? For someone who had everything figured out, being lost is all I feel.


My world is crumbling down into pieces,
I’m losing myself one breath at a time.

And, the light inside me? It has blinked before
But, this time I can feel it going off forever.

So what if it does? Would it matter?
At least, the hurting will stop.
The pain that has consumed me will stop

But, I’m a coward
I cannot go through with it or maybe I can
But, should I? How did I get to this point?

I’m constantly hurting
Even when I’m laughing
Even when I’m getting things done
Even when I go through the day without breaking down

Yes, my world is crumbling into pieces and It hurts all the time.
Sometimes less, sometimes enough to make my body numb
But, I’m trying…it isn’t worth it, really.

But, the puzzles that I put together for years?
The last piece was taken away from me
I tried to find it every place I could think of
Until I realized it was gone forever.
The piece was called self love.

I’m losing myself,
one breath at a time.
I am on the edge but this time there is no pulling back.

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